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Kita a carstuck girl? by P250rhb2 Kita a carstuck girl? :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 1 3
Forced retirement:the tavern
Mini is walking by moe's tavern in the Simpsons when she sees Dudley puppy and Kitty katswell in civilian clothes inside sipping root beer.
Moe:*to kitty*so, lost your job huh? Well there's a spot in my tavern if you want it.
Kitty:*sighs*no thanks. I just can't believe it. Fired for alien conspiracy? Ouch.
Dudley:well I said "if you're gonna fire Kitty, you'll have to fire me too"and..that's what happened.
Moe:aiding aliens? That'll get you kicked off any squad.
*thats when mini walks in*
Mini:*sits down next to kitty*tell me about it. Jerry found the invasion on social media. Surprisingly it got a lot of hits.
Kitty:approximately over 12 million.
Mini:wow..that's a lot of popularity. You think we'll get our jobs back?
Dudley:*smiles and hugs them*you bet we will! We just have to prove that the purple lady comes in peace!
Kitty:yeah before the rest of tuff finds her.
Mini:no offense but I think Sam, Alex, and clover are the bigger issue. That and we have to get everyone accounted for.
:iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 1 0
Mini's forced retirement
At WOOHP  mini in the jerry's office for a meeting.
Mini:*sitting in a chair*you wanted to see me Jerry?
Jerry:why yes agent Copland. I was looking on social media and I found...
Mini:*blushes*hey uh..that fart just slipped out...heheh..
Jerry:*raised eyebrow* I found this.
*jerry pulls up a media page with the alien invasion involving litez*
Mini:right....that. Whelp, mini and kitty already dropped the charges so...
Jerry:*holds up his hand*wait! You dropped these charges of invading a planet? Potential abduction? Assault? Braking a cutie? violating a peace treaty? Potential power theft? Kidnapping a bio-genetic? And cybernetic manslaughter?! Not to mention causing chaos to a whole country?!
Mini:*nervous*uh...yes? But we're ok. See I'm here.
Jerry:*serious*the mission of an agent is to protect the world. Not assist the criminal. That is called betrayal! We can't have that around here. Agent Copland, your fired!
Mini:*stunned*what? Fired? Hey listen, litez said...
:iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 1 0
Lightning and Camaro.
Lightning and Kita's mustang boss 302, camaro, are racing the desert on the outskirts of radiator springs.
Lightning:so you're Kita's car huh?
Camaro:*smiles*yeah! Got a lot of power. She treats me nice!
Lightning:*chuckles*well let's see what ya got..*speeds up 130mph*
Camaro:alright!*gradually gains speed*
*the two close in on radiator springs doing 140mph with lightning leading*
Lightning:you're keeping real good camaro!
Camaro:yeah sure am. But watch this!*camaro pushes it to 145mph but then his engine starts clanking*uhhh...
Lighting:hey alright?
Camaro:*collects himself*uh..yeah. Yeah. I'm fine..*he continues to push himself*
Lightning:*worried*hey pal careful. Don't strain yourself...*slows down*
Camaro:*doing 149*i..can..*backfires*Ouch!*slows down*
Lightning:Whoa!*slows down to camaro's pace*gee Camaro, you don't look so good..we should get you checked out.
*both drive to mater's impound where Camaro is checked out*
Mater:*pulls up*alright, let's take a looksee..*m
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Atomic Betty's atomic fart by P250rhb2 Atomic Betty's atomic fart :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 8 12 Paloma's fart whistle by P250rhb2 Paloma's fart whistle :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 7 7 Sexy mini bikini by P250rhb2 Sexy mini bikini :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 1 6 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KITA!! by P250rhb2 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KITA!! :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 2 2 Tiffany soaks and sucks it in by P250rhb2 Tiffany soaks and sucks it in :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 2 0
Mini's gigantic fart
Mini and stacy are out on the ranch in Oakley pokes with me holding the camera already recording
Stacy:alright mini it's been a while you ready?
Mini:*wearing her safari outfit with her hair in a ponytail*you know I am!
Stacy:*smiles*alright when I say go you...
Mini:what now? Ok!
Stacy:*franticly*wait! wait! Wait! I'm still in the....
Stacy...*looks around to see stacy knocked over*oops!*runs to her*are you ok?
Stacy:*wakes up*yeah...I'm fine. I was still in the blast radius.
Mini:*blushes*whoops..*giggles*sorry..*helps her up*
Stacy:*smiles*its fine. Come on, let's go home.
*both of them leave the field*
:iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 2 3
My gift to Kita by P250rhb2 My gift to Kita :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 0 0 Reckless and Tiffany:makeover by P250rhb2 Reckless and Tiffany:makeover :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 4 0 Tiffany's paradise bikini by P250rhb2 Tiffany's paradise bikini :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 4 3
Tiffany's bio
Name:Tiffany Ann Montreal
Occupation:car wash owner, game jumper, cheerleader
Likes:money, Roald-Dahl-100, diamonds.
Dislikes:rude people.
Bio:Tiffany is in fact the richest girl in my gallery. Previously that much power went to her head as she declared herself queen of the school and was a spoiled brat. However she's become a lot more sympathetic, though she still has a spunky and competitive attitude. On a side note, she's not much of a farter. But in roald-Dahl-100's rps, she takes the opportunity to let it all out. Just showing you that an rp can change anyone's personality in an instant. She's also in love with him.
:iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 0 3
Charlie and Benny (revealed forms) by P250rhb2 Charlie and Benny (revealed forms) :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 0 0 Charlie and Benny:switch ftw by P250rhb2 Charlie and Benny:switch ftw :iconp250rhb2:P250rhb2 1 0


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Kita a carstuck girl?
Kita:so here I am playing at muddy meadows when a burning question hit me. Do all my carstucks make me a....carstuck girl? I mean I know I like doing it but....have I actually reached that point? I'm actually scared...I nearly broke my car on my anniversary. I'm really worried..I need time to think.
Today is Kita's anniversary! Yay! Make sure to wish her a happy anniversary anywhere in the gallery or my home page!


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Kita:hello everyone, welcome to p250's gallery. He's my creator. Now, our main specialties are fan art, carstuck, and farting(humor only, we don't do fetishes) as you can see, we've come a long way with watchers, friends, and popularity. So, thanks for your support and hope to see ya there.


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